Research and Development Services

BLB is your partner for developing your participation in international research programs.

General knowledge about scientific methods, the research system and how to acquire science based information is crucial for innovation in private and public organizations. There are many programs and regulations supporting R&D and innovation in both private and public organizations. (European Commission’s Horizon2020, diverse UN programs, national research programs etc).

If your organization a) have no or little competence in developing and manage a R&D application from idea to submittal to execution or b) lack capacity within your organization to run R&D processes, BLB can assist you with the following services:

  • development and up-dating of research strategies
  • establishment of research networks and/or communities of practice
  • finding strategic and competent partners
  • R&D project development (national programs, Horizon 2020, UN programs a.o.)
  • formulation of input to relevant national and international science policies
  • identification of the right funding instruments

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