BLB is a research and consulting company, which specializes in the gathering, management and application of business intelligence, as well as decision making support, risk management and corporate social responsibility. BLB has extensive experience from the international research sector – from policy and funding to performance, in the public and private sectors. BLB helps organizations find, gather and evaluate reliable information.

In a complex global environment, we take a holistic approach to our customers’ issues, leveraging our comprehensive experience to help them find the most effective and cost-efficient solutions.

Bente Lilja Bye is the founder of BLB. Growing up on the Norwegian country side becoming an astrophysicist formed the basis for this characteristic of her: “A nature loving gadget geek”. Being an active member of a global Earth observation community for a couple of decades enables her to serve both scientists and practicioners around the world. With the help of her vast network of experts she can help you with a variety of problems and challenges related to data, applications, services and capacity development that involve Earth observation.


Bente Lilja Bye co-act-webinars
BLB founder Bente Lilja Bye

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Contact: Bente Lilja Bye at bente@blb.as  Find Bente on LinkedIn




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